Bring the Elephant Home is aiming for a better chance of survival for Asian elephants. We want to achieve this by restoring natural habitat, by stimulating animal friendly eco-tourism, by creating alternatives for elephant families and by finding solutions to mitigate human-elephant conflicts. In every project we are cooperating closely with local organizations and communities. With our project Trees for Elephants we have already planted over 350,000 trees for elephants. To be able to extend the natural habitat of elephants, we organize Bike for Elephants during the weekend of 18 and 19 of January 2014. Read more... >>>

Restoring an oil palm plantation with Hutan

antoinette - 17 June 2014 15:04

During our time in Borneo, we had an intense program with the reforestation unit of Hutan. Last year we started a capacity building project, in which Hutan, Mescot, Forru and Bring the Elephant Home participated to exchange knowledge, to improve reforestation methods and to set up some experimental plots along the Kinabatangan River. The project aims at recreating and expanding forest corridors along the river, to facilitate elephant movements and to reduce human-elephant conflicts. Hutan achieve this by converting an oil palm plantation that has recently been incorporated into a protected area, back into near-natural forest.

In May last year we helped the team of Hutan to establish three experimental plots inside the plantation. The test plots are needed to evaluate field performance of the selected tree species and to identify which ones are the most suitable for restoring riverine rainforest in Borneo, which is often subjected to flooding. It is also important to document the results of the selected method to don’t cut the palm trees and plant native seedlings partly under their shade. (more…)

Progres report forest restoration project with Mescot

antoinette - 16 June 2014 14:30

Last week we visited our partner organization Mescot to discuss the progress of our joint project. Mescot started a challenging reforestation task in 2013: the restoration of an old logging road. Challenging because the soil is very compact and degraded. Even after 40 years of being abandoned, natural regeneration still doesn’t occur. The distance to reach the site also makes it difficult to take care of the young seedlings. It takes a boat ride and a walk through the jungle of about 3 km to reach the planting sites. The reforestation team needs to walk this distance often, with heavy tools and seedlings on their back. The planting site is also located in a floodplain swamp area. Moreover, a big herd of elephants roamed around the sites for some time. Heavy circumstances for the young seedlings to survive. But with intensive tree maintenance, enough seedlings were still able to survive. A great effort to increase the biodiversity and to improve soil conditions in this area! Below you can find a photo report of the progress so far. While we were surveying the sites, the local media published the news that a riparian reserve just across the river, that has been encroached by oil palm plantations, will be given back to nature. Mescot removed the illegally-planted oil palm trees, and will start a new project to restore the forest and reconnect patches of fragmented forest. Besides the huge benefits for the environment to restore riparian forest, this will also help the elephants to follow their migration routes safely.

Bring the Elephant Home will support part of this project by funding the cost of seedlings, planting activities, tree maintenance and monitoring of the restoration of 8 hectare. Also the Danau Girang Field Centre will support the project, by sending students and volunteers for tree-planting activities, contributing funds to support the forest restoration team, studying the forest recovery and monitoring the return of wildlife to the riparian reserve.
A great continuation of our collaboration!

Click <more> for a photo report of the current restoration site.


Video Bike for Elephants 2014

antoinette - 1 May 2014 15:21

Camera: Craig Neal. Edit: Hinesh Patel.
Book now for Bike for Elephants 2015: January 17 - 18, 2015 in Kanchanaburi, Thailand!

Video Eco Trip

antoinette - 15 April 2014 14:18

Friday 7th March 2014 a new eco camp started with 27 students and 5 teachers of ISB, NIST and Regent’s. The aim of the trip was to discover some of the problems facing Thailand’s wild and captive elephants and to get actively involved in their conservation. Amazing how much work these young conservationists could do in just one weekend. Thanks a lot for all your support!

For more info, read the article by Ivana Grešlíková and Gianni Bianchini of Nomad is Beautiful, who also joined our eco camp:

Video and by: JJ Erpaiboon

Volunteers for protecting the forest on 29 March 2014, Kanchanaburi

antoinette - 20 March 2014 11:12

Firebreak cutting and rock check-dam making in wild elephant habitat.

Kanchanaburi is in full dry season at the moment. All deciduous trees lost their leaves; bamboo turned yellow and there’s forest fire at many places. A disaster for the forest and its wildlife. Let’s help the rangers and local people protecting the forest. A hard job, but so important for the survival of eco systems. By helping the rangers cutting a firebreak, we can save the forest right before the fire comes!

To cool down from this hot and dusty job, we will also install a rock check-dam to preserve water for the wildlife. The forest and the elephants are in dire need of rain, and when the first drops will fall, we would like to keep the water inside the forest as long as we can. During this period, the wild elephants have to get out of the protected forest, to find water near the villages. This can lead to road accidents and conflicts between the elephants and the local people.

Please help us with these important forest conservation events! These simple activities help to improve the habitat of wild elephants and to solve human elephant conflicts around the sanctuary.

Program of the day:
9.30 A.M: Arrival of volunteers. Welcome by village leader, chief of rangers and BTEH (Note: all volunteers are requested to get to Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary by themselves
9.45 A.M: Start firebreak cutting around the planting site and natural forest.
12.30 A.M: Lunch near the ranger station.
1.30 P.M: Rock check-dam making.
4.00 P.M: Finish all activities. Collect all garbage/plastic bags. Drive out of Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary.

* For groups that would like to stay the weekend: we can arrange a homestay program and some light volunteer activities for Sunday morning as well.


Bike for Elephants 2014

antoinette - 1 March 2014 11:14

Kanchanaburi, 18-19 January, 2014: 37 bikers, 13 support team members, 1 weekend, 140km and 206,000 THB raised for the conservation of Thai elephants!

Last month, our annual Bike for Elephants event took place. After months of preparation, 37 exited cyclists gathered at the famous bridge over the River Kwai and were adjusting their bikes to be able to make it over 140km for elephants! A service team of 13 volunteers were prepared for the various tasks they had to perform during the event: catering, security, first aid, bike repair, traffic control , pictures and video . After the briefing and an interview with the local TV, Bike for Elephants 2014 started!

In two days we cycled 140 km, crossing mountains, plantations, forests and local villages. The first day ended at Erawan Elephants Paradise, a new sanctuary for ex working elephants. Here, the participants had a chance to cool down with elephants in the river and feed the elephants. The next morning started with a climb of a few kilometers, followed by an adventurous off road part. For most participants, it was a relief when we finally arrived at the finish line. With the event we raised 4,500 euro for the protection of the wild elephants in this area. What an achievement! All participants, volunteers and sponsors: Thank you so much ! Click <more> for pictures of the event, or click here to see all the pictures on our Facebook group.


Aspire Club sponsors Bike for Elephants 2014

Dutsadee - 1 November 2013 10:37

Aspire Fitcorp Asia in Bangkok will support Thai elephants by joining Bike for Elephants on January 18 and 19 in Kanchanaburi. But besides signing up as the Aspire Bike team, they also help us to promote the event and will donate some special vouchers as awards for the event. So if you are joining Bike for Elephant 2014, start your fundraising and preparations early! You have a chance to win prizes from Aspire Club such as a Personal Training Session and Membership, which includes privileges such as joining their small group training in CrossFit, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Yoga and Bootcamp. Thanks a lot, Aspire. We are looking forward to bike for elephants with you! See more about bike for elephant 2014 in Kanchanaburi here

ISB Elephant Volunteer Trip

antoinette - 30 September 2013 10:52

On saturday 21 and sunday 22 September we had our first Wild Elephant Volunteer Weekend with 32 students from the 7th and 8th grade of the International School Bangkok. We kicked off on saturday morning at the border of Erawan National Park to build check dams in a gully located in the community forest. This area gets very arid during the dry season. The check dams will catch and store rainwater during the wet season. In this way, we can provide wild elephants with drinking water while at the same time allowing the soil to retain more moisture and improve the growth of trees and plants.

Let’s rock and roll!
The students didn’t need much encouragement, they were super excited to get started! (more…)

Video Borneo project

antoinette - 27 September 2013 12:34

© Bring the Elephant Home 2013

We are proud to present the first short video documentary of our project ‘In action for the Bornean elephant’. Donations are needed to continue our work in this area. All donations, big or small, will directly contribute to a more suitable habitat for the Bornean elephant. Please donate now through this secure link.

Bring the Elephant Home is cooperating with local organizations in Borneo to create a more suitable environment for the endangered Bornean elephant. Together we work on creating and expanding corridors, increasing biodiversity and restoring the forest in areas affected by oil palm plantations. This projects aims to translate research data into action, to make sure this unique elephant has a chance to survive.

Our video gives a good impression of this natural treasure, the ongoing destruction and our work on forest conservation. Select full screen and switch on the sound of your computer!

Special thanks to the international creative team, that fully volunteered to produce this video:
Camera, video editing and production: Federico Menzano
Storyboard: Federico Menzano and Antoinette van de Water
Music and audio post: Agustina Miqueo and Javier Gore of Music Bag
Narration: Lucia Chouhy.
Music composition: Tito la Rosa

And to our partner organizations: Hutan, Mescot, Danau Girang Field Centre and the Sabah Wildlife Department.

Help raise awareness about the Bornean elephants by sharing this video on Facebook, Twitter, email by using the link to our video on Youtube.

Thanks a lot!

Article in The Natural History Bulletin

antoinette - 9 September 2013 11:09

Article about our project in Borneo in The Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society. Click here to view the whole article.

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